Shut The Fuck Up!

No, I don’t want kids. No, I will not change my mind. No, you insisting that I will is not funny. What you’re basically saying is that there’s something wrong with me for not having kids. Which, granted, you’re welcome to think, but if you insist on constantly telling me, I will start listing all the things I think are wrong with you. And that won’t be pretty.

I accept that you have kids. I know you love them. I defend your right to get special treatment in some cases (Child’s first sickday, [m|p]aternity leave and so on). These are completely fair and I wouldn’t want it any other way. But don’t think that I want to spawn, just because you did.

So please. Just shut the fuck up already.

Hey look!

Once again starting over this whole blogging thing. I really should keep it up, otherwise a certain guy will just start bitching again. And yeah, I would have linked his blog if I could remember wtf it’s called (sorry, Alex!). But lately my memory has been pretty fucked anyway, so can’t really come as a surprise that I forgot the name of a blog. Or seven. Or what I was supposed to do tomorrow (thankfully I have gotten into the habit of using my phone calendar for notifications, otherwise I’d probably end up forgetting myself). Even had to spend quite a lot of time recovering passwords to even get into this blog again, go me! But obviously I managed, so that’s something at least.

As for, which used to be my repository of ancient blog posts, it’s disabled until I can be arsed to do something about it. Spammers suddenly decided to target it some months ago, and while Akismet did catch most of the comment spam, they somehow managed to use 50GB of data in a month, causing my bandwidth to be exceeded; and so I just disabled it. Not like there were that many things relevant there anyway, even if the 3 posts with Portal-themed headlines were still pulling in people who were then wondering about the lack of Portal stuff. Nyah!

Anyway, what has been up with me then? Let’s see… I turned 30 ten days ago and had an awesome party! Or 29 for the second time as I still think of it, because I don’t feel old enough to be 30. Or grown up enough for that matter, despite mortgages, full-time employment (and part-time study – currently an algorithms course) at the same place for 8 years, and various other signs that I’m now quite a long way away from my teen years.

Other than that, I’m once again single; rebounding from a fairly short, but intense liaison with a guy, who somehow managed to get under my skin. I’m not angry about what happened, just sad it didn’t work out. For some reason, my brain has decided that the best way of dealing with this is placing me in a somewhat hypomanic state; and while it’s definitely preferable over a depression, it has its own set of challenges. I’m managing though, and it has been awesome feeling the support of friends… I guess I tend to forget that people care about me sometimes, and it’s great being reminded of it.

Other than that, I’ve started lifting weights. I’m in love with the barbell! A year ago I would have sworn I’d never have the proverbial balls to ever set foot in the freeweights section, just because the guys there seemed so scary, but the other day I found myself happily squatting and deadlifting, lone girl among 40ish guys. It’s good fun and has really helped me with my body image too. It’s just so… empowering lifting 100+kg off the floor! Apart from weightlifting, I’m sort of on a Krav Maga break for various reasons, including lack of time and┬áprioritizing┬ámy money differently… and now I’m going to try MMA/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a few months, and then we’ll see what happens from then on. I still love Krav, but when (if?) I start again, it will be in a club close to where I live to save on transport time.

So yeah, that was a quick update. And I promise I’ll try my very fucking best at actually writing sometimes now. Even if blogging is apparently no longer fashionable, according to some news item I saw the other day (but when have I ever been fashionable?)

But now it’s time for bed! There are things to hit with a wrench tomorrow! (Pen and paper roleplaying…)

Oh, and Alex just linked me his blog, so just to bully him into updating, since I’m actually writing on mine now, here it is!